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This is an overview of the book titled Believing is Seeing / Focus Through a God Centered Paradigm. The book is about paradigms, perception, vision, Biblical scripture, benefits of a God centered paradigm both health wise and spiritually, and how to live a life centered on God. All proceeds from the book are being donated to Christian missions.

Dr. Croley’s book The Blinding of America / America Needs —  Pure Vision Perfect Perception Ultimate Reality provides an insightful and intriguing perspective concerning how sin enters our lives through our eyes. The choices people make on the things they are watching directly effects the way they live their lives. Many of the things viewed on a flat screen are propaganda designed to manipulate your mind and the watching of flat screens is addicting just like heroin or cocaine. America is spending more than ten hours a day watching flat screens of various types and sizes. Dr. Croley provides training techniques for increasing.

Believing is Seeing

Believing is Seeing brings a unique perspective to living a Christian life that brings happiness, joy, and increased longevity. You can improve your health and extend your life span by following the information in the book provided by a Christian physician.

As an ophthalmologist, I can add a different perspective on living a Christian life-or what I call a God-Centered Paradigm. Your eyes and brain are incredible designs and structures developed by God. The intricacy and interconnectivity of the human body are amazing.

There is evidence of God’s hand in every aspect of this world He created. I will show you how your brain and vision work together so that you can learn to see this world from a godly perspective. The book will give you Biblical instruction, combined with my medical knowledge of living a long healthy life, centered on a Christian foundation.