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Glaucoma is not a simple eye disease where the eye pressure is elevated and therefore you have glaucoma. Glaucoma is caused by a variety of etiologies and presents clinically in a variety of forms. In simple terms, glaucoma is a disease process involving the optic nerve inside the back portion of the eye.

In the beginning, there is not any blurred vision, as that usually does not happen until the end stage of the disease. Loss of the central clear vision does not usually occur until the end. Over months and years of time, glaucoma slowly causes loss of side vision. This loss of vision is so insidious that most people are totally unaware of the loss. The brain is very astute and will compensate for the loss of side vision. You will start turning your head more or your brain will have you move your eyes more to compensate for this loss. These are all happening with you completely unaware.

Most of the time, people with more advanced glaucoma with a significant loss of their side vision are not aware of the loss until they are tested and are shown the loss. Unfortunately, there can be significant and irreversible vision loss from glaucoma before it is diagnosed.