The Future of Flat Screen Addiction: Wall-E

James E. Croley III, M.D.

James E. Croley III, M.D.

Author and Ophthalmologist

My six-year-old granddaughter asked to watch a cartoon. After watching it, I was surprised she would want to watch a cartoon like this one, as I would think my grandson would want to watch it.

WALL-E is a cartoon about a small, mobile trash or garbage compactor alone on Earth. The compacting machine has the words WALL-E written on its side. This little compacting machine spends every day compacting trash and using blocks of trash to build large, building-like structures. There are thousands of these tall buildings of trash everywhere built by this little compactor. Earth is completely covered by piles of trash and tall buildings made from trash. It must have taken this little machine hundreds of years to build all the structures.

The only living thing left on Earth is a cockroach that follows WALL-E around all day. We all know that if something were to be the last living creature on Earth, it would be a cockroach. The movie supports the idea that cockroaches can survive anything and live anywhere. WALL-E even ran over the cockroach a few times, and it would pop back to life. Cockroaches are indestructible.

This cartoon was released in 2008. I don’t know if Disney made this cartoon as a satire or caricature of how humans will be living in the future, or maybe they liked the concept of this cartoon that kids would enjoy. This cartoon has an underlying warning about our future. Disney has recently not had the well-being of our kids at heart with their woke agenda. Walt Disney would be very unhappy with how his Disney company has changed. This cartoon does have a significantly deeper meaning than simply being just a cartoon for kids. There is a vitally important adult message.

The people from Earth are living on a ginormous spaceship that has been traveling for hundreds of years around the universe as if they are on vacation. Life in the future has dramatically changed. Everyone lives twenty-four hours a day on a hover recliner chair that travels around the spacecraft. The spacecraft has every kind of amenity you could ask for, like the cruise ships of today. Every person is wearing the same uniform. All the people are obesely overweight and are unable to stand or walk, as their bone structure is greatly diminished from inactivity over hundreds of years. They are all drinking what looks like a large milkshake. As soon as it is empty, another one is brought to them by a robot. Everything is automated. A flat screen sits about fourteen inches in front of their face.

The flat screen never leaves its position and their faces are glued to the screen. The people have no clue about their surroundings. All the beautiful amenities go unnoticed. A large number of people are in their chairs in front of a beautiful pool area. No one is in the pool, and nobody even notices the pool in front of them. They are either watching something on their flat screen or communicating with another person through their flat screen. No one speaks to the other person. They don’t know they exist. Their eyes never leave the flat screen.

This is no different from seeing a family today in a restaurant, where all of them are looking at their smartphones. There is no personal communication between each other at the table. The people of Earth have destroyed the surface of the planet thousands of years ago.

There are no plants or living creatures other than the cockroach. Earth is completely covered in trash, with many tall building structures made out of this trash. WALL-E spends each day picking up trash, compacting it, and building these large building structures with it. Humankind left the Earth hundreds of years ago as they had destroyed the environment.

The mother ship periodically sends a smaller spaceship back to Earth to release a probe to determine the environmental status of the planet to see if they can return to it.

Eve, Wall-E Character
Photo by Aman Pal on Unsplash

A spaceship lands near where WALL-E is working and leaves a flying robot to inspect the Earth. WALL-E is infatuated with this new robot which appears to act as a female character, and WALL-E follows it everywhere it goes. The robot finds a small sprout of a plant beginning to grow that WALL-E had found earlier and collects it. The robot’s mission has been accomplished and the spaceship returns and picks up the robot. WALL-E attaches itself to the spaceship because he is infatuated with the probe. The spaceship returns to the large mother spaceship.

The mother ship is full of streets with thousands of people on their hover chairs and other robots speeding along with perfect coordination. WALL-E has no idea of this flow and starts causing crashes and disrupting the flow of traffic. A man and woman have their floating chairs crash and their flat screens are turned off. Later they meet and, for the first time, talk to each other and comment on the beautiful pool they are floating in front of. They have never looked at all the amenities available to them for all their lives. They spent each day looking at their flat screen and never look at anything else or spoke personally to anyone else.

It’s scary but that is where society is heading today. The average American looks at a flat screen ten to twelve hours a day. Everyone’s life is based on watching a flat screen. People are addicted to their smartphones or iPads.

The stimulation from their viewing a flat screen is the same as the stimulation from taking drugs or alcohol. The same portion of the brain is stimulated by drugs, alcohol, and flat screens. Just like with drugs, dopamine is released and causes euphoria and addiction. The people in Silicon Valley who are in charge of this flat-screen addiction know this and recommend that people take a break from flat screens weekly. This is called dopamine fasting. They know the damage they are doing.

Person using a Mobile Phone
Photo by Bryan Santos on Pixabay

America is being blinded by its addiction to flat screens. The people in charge of social media, national news, and other information on flat screens control the information you are going to view. The propaganda on your flat screens alters your brain function and creates a paradigm where truth and facts have been removed from your perception. You believe what the flat screen tells you to believe. This is especially true for young people in America. Their brains are still developing, and this can permanently change their brain patterns. The limbic system will be highly activated and cause all kinds of emotional and mental problems which is happening to our young people today.

The logical reasoning portion of the brain will be overridden by the limbic system. The ability to critically analyze and process information will be diminished and altered. People’s visual intelligence has diminished over time, and they are mesmerized by the stimulation they see on their flat screens. They sit with a daze on their faces as they fill their brains with radical and nonfactual information.

Flat-screen viewing is increasing every year. Americans spend nearly half of their day staring at a flat screen. Approximately 42 percent of Americans are obese. One in five children is obese. Obesity is linked to more than sixty chronic diseases.

Wake up, America, and get your life back under control. Do not let a flat screen dominate your life.

You could become one of the people in the cartoon WALL-E. Obese, sedentary, unhealthy, and glued to a flat screen.

Parents, you must control the use of flat screens by your children. There are apps to monitor all their activity on their flat screens and filters to block unwanted content from appearing on their screens.

The book I published is a great resource for learning about vision, perception, and reality. The book is titled The Blinding of America. It is available on my website,, or on Amazon. I welcome any comments you may have.

Dr. James E. Croley III is a respected eye surgeon and a Christian. He is the author of two books, Believing is Seeing and The Blinding of America. Order copies for your family and friends today.

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