May 10, 2023

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Screen Addiction

The Blinding of America Part 3

The culture and society of America are fading away. The power of visual communication is staggering. The secular world is constantly working to change your perception and beliefs. You saw the coverage by the liberal major news outlets of the rioting in many of the major cities in the

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Flat Screen Addiction

The Blinding of America Part 2

Chapter 5 in the book in the book The Blinding of America, is titled Flat Screens. At first glance, flat screens might sound like a weird title for a chapter in a Christian book. What is this guy thinking? I chose this title as everyone’s life is dominated by

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The Blinding of America Part 1

The Blinding of America Everyone in America knows that smoking is bad for you. It leads to lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. You are cutting your life expectancy by several years. You know what, there is something more dangerous than smoking cigarettes and that is

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Galaxy capture by NASA

Living a God-Centered Paradigm

I published a book titled “Believing is Seeing – Focus Through a God-Centered Paradigm.” This is a very short synopsis of some of the information in the book. I have dedicated all the proceeds of the book to missions. The book deals with paradigms, perception, reality, and living a

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Eye Examination Room

What is an Eye Exam or Comprehensive Eye Exam?

An eye exam is also known as a dilated eye exam or complete eye exam. A normal complete comprehensive eye exam is a thorough examination of the eye which includes dilating the pupil of the eye. Eye doctors or ophthalmologists and optometrists examine the eye using a variety of

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Man on Road Rage

Road Rage – Out of Control

The incidence of road rage has skyrocketed over the last two or three decades. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found an increased incidence of serious incidents of 51% from 1990 to 1996. A national survey reported that 60% of motorists believe aggressive driving by others is a significant

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Flipping Pages of the Bible

Paradigms in the Bible

Paradigms in the Bible, what kind of title is that? Am I implying that there are really paradigms in the Bible? You might not think that there are paradigms present in the Bible but the Bible is full of paradigms. People’s paradigms kept them from seeing what was really

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God's Table

God’s Table

What do I mean by God’s table? Is there something special about God’s table? Why would the table come to represent one of the deepest messages of the Kingdom of God and the reign of God? The Bible has a plethora of information about food and eating at God’s

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Human brain

God and Your Brain

God created man in his image and one of the main reasons is that he could have a close intimate relationship with you and me. He designed us so that his Spirit would be able live inside you and I and God would be a part of us. So,

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Psalm of the Cross

Psalm 22—Jesus’ Description of His Crucifixion

Let’s look at the crucifixion, especially related to the 22nd Psalm. Psalm 22 is known as the Psalm of the Cross or the Crucifixion Psalm. This Psalm is not about the sufferings of King David. This is a Messianic Psalm giving a detailed prophetic account of Christ’s crucifixion nearly one thousand

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